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Save your house Foreclosure defense

Having an issue with your mortgage payments may just be one of the issues that you are having economically. If you are having problems catching up on old bills or if your debt has gotten out of control, you do not just have to live with this. Let me help you out by applying for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.


Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 can:

- Stop creditor calls

- Stop foreclosure on a home

- Prevent a foreclosure sale that has not taken place

- Chapter 13 can create a brand new plan for paying back mortgage payments

- It can discharge or restructure other debts (like credit card debt and medical bills) that may be making it hard for you to pay your mortgage

Keeping your home is a real possibility

Debt relief and foreclosure all in one

If bankruptcy is not an option, Randall L. Jackson can assist you in zealously defending the foreclosure action, giving you time to seek an alternative resolution to a sheriff sale, making the bank consider a loan modification to bring you current, and providing you knowledgeable estimates as to how long you are able to remain in your home if  alternatives to a sheriff sale are not feasible or if you simply need time to get to some other repayment solution.


At Randall L. Jackson, we will take a look at your overall financial picture and your current needs to customize a plan that will work for you. Come in and speak with us about your wants and your foreclosure situation and let us find you a solution that will keep your home in your hands!

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