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Also referred to as "liquidation," Chapter 7 bankruptcy can allow you to discharge (legally get rid of and not be required to make any payments on) many forms of debt you hold. This "clean slate" however requires that you relinquish certain assets, and individuals can only file for Chapter 7 once every eight years.

Get a fresh start with Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Why file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Filing for bankruptcy protects you from current creditors suing you, garnishing your wages, or even call you on the phone for your debts. Feel relief from the badgering of debt collectors while working to resolve your debt issues.


Call Randall L. Jackson for a consultation and to have all your questions about  Chapter 7 bankruptcy answered. Randall L. Jackson will review your financial situation and help guide you toward a solution that benefits you.

Get a "fresh start" with Chapter 7 bankruptcy



Protect yourself with Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

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